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Savio DSilva is a counselor, writer and motivational trainer from India who conducts courses in counseling, public speaking, personality development, art therapy, and several other subjects. Savio DSilva offers training programs in 54 areas.

His expertise in positive psychology coupled with his knowledge and experience in recreational therapies is immense. He has coached thousands of people since the year 1996, while his online pages have been seen 360 million times. He takes private consultations for sports teams, corporate groups and individuals on an hourly basis.

He offers excellent coaching for contestants participating in beauty pageants and for those entering Bollywood. He offers online coaching for those living outside Mumbai.

Education and Media Coverage
Savio completed his 2 year's Masters degree in Psychotherapy and Counseling from IPMS, Mumbai. A first class graduate in Psychology and Sociology from L.S. Raheja College. A diploma in Marketing Management from NMIMS University, a diploma in Business Management from Bombay Institute of Management Studies, and a diploma in Hotel Administration and Food Technology from Sophia's B.K. Somani Polytechnic.


India Today Magazine featured him inside an article in July 2009, FHM Magazine in June 2009, All India Radio in May 2009, UTVi on their popular show "Cracking Careers" (9th May, 2009), DD News on their popular show "Yuva - Career Forum" on 1st May, 2009, Radio City aired Savio's body language tips throughout April, 2009, invited him as a celebrity counselor for 1 hour on February 12th, 2009, and he has been featured on several other media platforms during the last decade. He has received the 'Guest of Honour' Award at IIPM, Mumbai in 2005. He has been featured on Sahara Samay's popular show 'Ek Se Badkar Ek' in 2005. He has been interviewed by Zoom TV for his comments on Femina Miss India Contest 2005.

He invented the Picture Personality Test. Over 1.5 Million people have taken his picture personality tests. Savio DSilva founded the Kyoto Bamboo principle, PACTS Forever, Time Management 18, Japanese Glass principle, and the Opposite Thinking principle. He has written many articles and eBooks on achieving success, personality development, business and public speaking. Recently he wrote the "Kim And Bobby Story". His material on "1400 Secrets Of Successful People" is currently being created.

He was rated India's Public Speaking Expert by the Blitz (August 13th, 2000), Mumbai's Leading Trainer by the Times of India (January 10th, 2000), Mumbai's favorite trainer by the Afternoon (January 14th, 2000). He has received 65 press clippings in leading newspapers like 'The Times of India' and 'Indian Express'. He was the the first full-day trainer for public speaking and personality development in Mumbai. In 2000, he created the first Ezine in India for soft skills called 'Carpe Diem'. He completed a two days marathon workshop with Hindustan Petroleum from 8am to 9pm in 2001. He was the youngest management trainer in Mumbai with Radio Bhuvan at the age of 19. He has trained people between the ages of 7 to 72 years.

His popularity and reach online is difficult to measure considering he has articles published on several sites. His content pages get visited over 1 million times each month. He sells domains for a living. He has sold over 2000 domains so far. His immense experience in this field has made him an authority on domain sales.

Savio DSilva Profile
His content pages have received over 360 million views online. He has over 16 years of experience as a public speaking and personality development trainer, 15 years experience as a content writer, over 18 years experience in marketing and many years of experience in psychology, counseling and recreational therapies.

Savio is a practical teacher with a lateral thinking approach to education. He is a guidance counselor who can train you to achieve success and inner joy. A professional speaker with sound knowledge of popular cultures and headline news. He believes in spending more time on the better things in life and around the people he cares about.

Savio DSilva is a simple, frank and confident personality who gets results in every assignment he undertakes. He imparts top quality education while sharing his incredible knowledge and learning something new at the same time.

He has traveled to many places and is a great coach to learn from. He follows his own unique style, without using a script, blackboard or text book. He has no formal education in teaching and adopts an unconventional approach which gets quick results. He believes in communicating through writing, speaking, listening and active discussions. He does not wear a watch, nor carries a cell phone. He carries a pen and paper at most times.

He loves to write on almost anything under the Sun. He is a highly experienced content writer who's articles, stories, posts and other forms of online content have received over 360 Million page views since 1999. He is instrumental in building the reputation of websites through his content writing skills. He helps raise awareness about issues that cause harm to human beings and animals.

He started his freelance music band "Revolutionary Clan" few years ago. The primary objective is to promote fresh voices in a creatively charged atmosphere while spreading awareness about key issues in modern society.

Savio DSilva has 14 years experience in marriage counseling. He has counseled over 3000 people via his relationship advice websites.

He owned a 'Ghost Stories' website with more than 8000 short ghost stories submitted by people living in 150+ countries. He is a face reader (physiognomist), palmist, numerologist and fortune teller.

He has read 4000 books during the last three decades. He organised the Pumelo Film Festival. He directed 3 films which were screened at few film festivals. His short film 'Old and Lonely' was selected for screening at the Los Angeles Festival Of Short Films. He is a songwriter and his music won best music score at 'Pumelo 2007'.

His Favorite Things
Some of his favorite books include The Road Less Traveled, The Secret, Positive Forces of Nature, Positioning, and Horse Sense among several others.

His favorite movies are Saint Ralph, Titanic, Apocalypto, Unthinkable, Children of Heaven and Gladiator.

His favorite music are Rock, New Age, Western Classical and Meditation music.

His favorite TV shows are Seinfeld, Fawlty Towers, King of Queens, Savage Family Diggers and Impractical Jokers.

His hobbies include training, reading, writing, meditation, listening, watching movies, face reading, and learning new things.

He is conversant in English and understands Hindi, the basics of Marathi, Gujarati, French and tiny bits of Spanish.

He is an agile content writer, an excellent motivational trainer, a great listener, quick thinker, highly organized, has a good sense of humour, is a speed reader, good at research, and street smart.

His rules for success include knowing one's purpose, focused work, daily meditation, spending ample time with the family, being close to God, keeping your eyes and ears open, learning something new each day, being flexible, and living a life of discipline. He lives passionately, calmly, and joyfully. He focuses on meditation, learning, and spiritual growth during his free time.

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