The Incredible Powers Of The Morning Sun

The Incredible Powers Of The Morning Sun
It would be rather astonishing if the sun did not rise tomorrow morning.

Yes, our lives would change in a second if the massive ball of fire chose to take a break from its daily routine even for a single morning.

Japan is called the land of the rising sun but in reality the sun is the energy source of the entire world.

A true ball of fire in the sky that holds its position in the universe as the earth revolves around it. Time itself is always defined based on the rising and setting of the sun.

The sun holds a place of great importance in the history of the world.

Every single culture sang praises of the sun and every single generation has witnessed the sun shining in all her glory.


Hopefully there shall never be an age called "The Dark Ages" in the history of the world since a true dark age would happen when the sun does not rise in the morning tomorrow spelling darkness and disaster for the whole of mankind.

Perhaps the end of the world as we shall know it! The sun is the largest heat source in existence and forever shall it rise and set over the Earth!

The simple habit of worshiping the rising sun in the morning is a powerful one to have.

Wake up nice and early, step outside where you can clearly see the huge ball come up into sight, and take long deep breaths as you join your hands and pray to the rising sun.


In India, a yogic exercise called the 'Surya Namaskar' has immense popularity all around the country. It simply means to wake up each morning and worship the sun.

Absorb the morning rays of the sun, feel a surge of your energy enter your being, and absorb vital energy that's essential to supercharge your day and build up your bones.

Having been a fond discipline of the sun for years, I can vouch that paying my respects to the sun each morning is one of my favorite things to do. It makes me feel so much better and I manage to get so much work done when I wake up later.

I wake up before the sun rises, open my bedroom window, say my morning prayers for a few minutes, then go back to sleep once again to wake up around noon.

I love letting the morning sunshine come through our large window and fall onto our waiting bodies as all of us lay there sleeping on the bed near the open window.


Listening to the morning birds chirping and singing the praises of the morning sun is what I love listening to most as I lay there on my bed just before closing my eyes and falling asleep once more.

My best dreams come during the mornings or just before I wake up at noon.

I somehow have a feeling that worshiping the rising sun each morning (before I fall asleep again) helps in us enjoying a truly pleasant and comfortable sleep all morning.

Try basking in the morning sunshine yourself and you will soon know the immense powers of the sun as well as what a wonderful day lies ahead once you have let the "sol" energy get absorbed into your body and soul.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva on Sep 2 2017 - 8:44:pm

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